Change history


  • Scrap unindent_statement().
  • Derive all dbkit exceptions from Exception.
  • Clean up connection pinging code.
  • Add make_placeholders() for generating statement placeholders safely.
  • Add to_dict() for converting resultsets to dicts mapped off of a particular field.


Release date:2012-10-16
By:Keith Gaughan
  • Add last_row_id().
  • Pools now can have custom mediators.
  • Cursors are now tracked.
  • Pooled connections are no longer closed prematurely.
  • Row factories are now usable outside of context safely.


Release date:2012-10-11T12:59:00.Z
By:Keith Gaughan
  • execute*() now returns the number of affected rows.
  • Add last_row_count and last_row_id to Context.
  • Remove DummyPool and ThreadAffinePool, though the latter may be returning.
  • Stablise the behaviour of Pool when dealing with expired connections.
  • Documentation version is now pegged directly to the library.


Release date:2012-09-02T11:33:00.Z
By:Keith Gaughan
  • Initial revision with a changelog.